What kind of Silk quilt/blanket is better?

Advantages and disadvantages of silk quilt

Advantages of silk quilt

Because silk is rich in 18 essential amino acids and natural porous protein fiber components, it can perfectly regulate the blood circulation and metabolism of the human body during sleep, and can enhance the cell vitality of the skin. weighted blanket 15 lbs queen. Now that we know so many advantages, what are the shortcomings of silk quilts? Let’s take a look at the shortcomings of silk quilts.

Shortcomings of silk quilt

  • It is easy to generate static electricity. Silk products, when the weather is dry and the temperature is high, it is easy to generate a lot of static electricity when rubbing, stimulating the body surface nerve.
  • It is easy to breed bacteria. Silk products contain a lot of protein. When the air is wet, it is easy to stay and breed a large number of bacteria. The harm to the human body is obvious, especially when the body’s immunity is weakest at night.
  • The main reason is that the silk is a slender silk thread, which is soft and easy to kink and stick together, which affects the breathability.
  • Due to the large fiber length, silk products are easy to contain, and the elasticity is poor. When the time is short, the whole body will be formed, which reduces the gas permeability and reduces the comfort.

Is the duvet good or the silk is good?

Today’s living standards have improved, and many people want to replace heavy quilts and use duvets and silk quilts. There must be many questions in the hearts of consumers. silk quilt vs down. For example, whether duvets are good or silk is good, how are the warmth and breathability of duvets and silk quilts? Let me talk to you about this old-fashioned topic.

Features of down duvets

The quilt-filled down is an animal protein fiber that is warmer than cotton. The principle of the duvet insulation is that there are tens of thousands of small pores on the down spherical fiber, which has the function of temperature regulation. canada goose on sale. The same size of the quilt, the duvet is the lightest, about 1/3 of the cotton quilt, and 1/2 of the wool quilt. Such a thin quilt is cardiovascular-free and therefore very suitable for elderly people with high blood pressure.

The characteristics of silk quilts

Because mulberry leaves cannot spray pesticides, silk is a natural and healthy material. The warmth of the silk quilt made of 100% silk is also very good. The main component of silk is pure natural animal protein fiber, which is called “Fiber Queen” by the industry. At the same time, silk contains a variety of essential amino acids, which have the effect of preventing wind, dehumidification, soothing and nourishing. Therefore, covering silk is equivalent to doing health care.

  • Super King (260W x 220L cm)
  • King (225 x 220 cm)
  • Double (200W x 200L cm)
  • Single (140 x 200 cm)

In summary, if the duvet is good or the silk is good, everyone should have their own ideas. 100 mulberry silk duvet cover. What quilt is good, the key depends on how comfortable you are. When you buy a blanket, everything needs to start from your actual needs.