MONCLER jacket for the ladies, History of Moncler jackets Ladies

MONCLER is a brand which is counterfeit. There are many online web shops who claim to offer Moncler jackets. We have made an overview of what the reliable partners of Moncler online. The women’s coats from Moncler are known for quality, comfort, warmth and durability. moncler womens jackets sale, These Moncler Jackets Women outlet is also really sought after by the couture lovers. The jackets ladies of Moncler are thicker than the summer jackets, well lined with down and perfectly modelled.

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MONCLER was founded in 1952 in the French city of Grenoble nostalgic. The founder of the brand is Rene Ramillon. The name Moncler originated from the vicinity of Grenoble, there was a mountain that Monestier-de-Clermont was called. The founder was a well-known entrepreneur in the region. moncler womens coats cheap, He owned a factory that produced articles for many mountain climb. This entrepreneur possessed several patents. Together with his friend Andre Vincent Rene ran his business. moncler puffer jacket women’s, During the cold days were much padded jackets worn by Rene produced. In Alpine skiing, the coat also worn by its light weight and good heat this was ideal. So there were product adjustments so it was a perfect product for skiers.


This bodywarmer by Moncler has a divisible zipper. 2 front zipped pockets and high Board. The 43361 99 53029 of Moncler vest is made of polyamide (100%). It is also filled with duck down (90%) & duck feathers (10%).

MONCLER commitment to front runner on couture fashion to be. In addition to these women’s jackets Moncler jackets also offers such as: Moncler winter jacket, Moncler summer jacket, Moncler men’s jackets, Moncler jackets and Moncler ladies down jacket. moncler armoise padded jacket, Suit so the sale on this ladies Moncler jackets outlet with it

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